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In School & Beyond

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School Wide/Small Groups/One-On-One

Tier 1: School-Wide Services

Our school-wide services and resources are designed to foster

a positive school climate and address school-level risk factors. They are short-term interventions that are provided on an as-needed basis. These services or resources are open to

all students. Examples of Tier 1 resources or services include motivational speakers for school-wide assemblies, career or college fairs, and school-wide anti-bullying programs.​We do this through a tiered approach by working with the entire school, targeted groups of students and high-risk individuals.

Tier 2: Targeted Small Groups

Our targeted small group activities are designed to help groups of students who are dealing with similar barriers. We implement programs and rely on our expert partners to provide support in areas where we don't have specific expertise. Those areas include math and reading tutoring, anti-bullying programing, mentoring groups, backpack meals, risky behavior initiatives and smoking cessation.

Tier 3: Individual Case Management 

Our case management service is our most intense level of service and where we spend the majority of our time working with students. In conjunction with school staff, our interventions are guided by an integrated process of developing individualized support plans with each student and family and using that to guide, track, evaluate and adjust to fit the needs of each student we serve. Regular check-ins during school, supportive one-on-one sessions, home visits and referrals to outside support is crucial to ensure our students succeed.

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Providing Resources for Student Success

Teachers pay an average of $750 out of pocket for classroom supplies each year.
To help students, families, and teachers alike, CISGC hosts a Stuff the Bus school supply drive annually. Thousands of school supplies are donated by community members which are then distributed to EVERY public school in the county.

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No Child Should Wake Up to an Empty Christmas Tree

For the last three years, CISGC has partnered with local businesses and community members to assist families in providing Christmas gifts for local youth. More than 80 children received gifts distributed by CISGC with the help of community members 220 children received gifts this Christmas!



21st Century Learning Center

In partnership with Greenbrier County Schools through the 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant, CISGC provides student support specialists to assist in the implementation of five after school programs in the county. As specialists engage with students in a more informal setting, youth are often more likely to open up about challenges they face. Once the student support specialists learn more about the student's needs, they are able to set goals, create a plan, and find resources to fill the needs.

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Helping Others Through Your Generosity

The three most basic needs in life come down to food, clothing, and shelter. CISGC notes the importance of love and support from a caring adult in addition to those basic needs and is determined to provide all recourses necessary to help each child have safety and success. We understand that if a child's basic needs are unmet, they are less likely to come to school and participate in class. Student support specialists work with students and their families to ensure they have resources such as food, clothing, shelter to promote a stable foundation for social, emotional, and academic prosperity.



Boosting Morale & Motivation

In addition to working closely with students and families, we work closely with school administration to identify school-wide concerns and create plans to address them.  Any given year, our specialists find creative ways to increase class participation, attendance, and to reduce tardiness (as well as other targeted areas). We can provide incentives and reward students for showing up and doing their best through community support. In light of the pandemic, however, attendance and grades were not the largest issue. Morale was down for so many in the school system- and students took a hard hit. To boost morale, CISGC student support specialists implemented a program (Caught with Kindness) to encourage youth to be kind and lend a helping hand to their peers. When a student was "caught" in the act of a kind gesture, they received a reward and were entered into a drawing for a larger prize at the end of the semester. We couldn't have done it without support from local foundations and private donations!

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